Water damage cleanup services in Newport

Water can damage your belongings, such as carpets, furniture, clothes, and electronics. It can also cause mold growth or other health hazards if not taken care of quickly. It’s extremely important to clean water damage and dispose of broken or damaged materials as soon as possible. But sometimes, water damage occurs at odd hours. But with Orleans County Expert Restoration at your service, you don’t have to worry about the timing. You can call us 24/7 for our water damage cleanup services.

Thorough information about water damage cleanup

Did you know there are three types of water damage? The first is relatively ‘safer’ since it comes from clean sources like broken pipes, faucets, and other water-carrying appliances. The second type is of medium hazard and comes from sources like flooding, overflowing toilets, and sewage backups. The third type is the most hazardous, mainly resulting due to sewage backup or floods. When you experience the third type, it’s best to call an expert for water damage cleanup and not try DIY methods, as the contaminants can be hazardous.

Mold growth after water damage

As soon as mold finds moisture and a rich nutritious source, it begins forming in your home. Sometimes, the process only takes about 24 hours. Mold causes respiratory issues like coughing and sneezing. It can also cause skin irritation. Mold spores circulate in the air and can settle on any surface, leading to a full-blown infestation.

How to react to water damage?

While panicking might seem like the best response, you should try to stay calm in such a situation. Remove yourself from the affected area and call Orleans County Expert Restoration right away. Having a professional water damage cleanup company in the picture solves over half of the problem.

Your customized plan will include remediation, removal, and disposal of any damaged materials and water. Our partners will also help you in replacing lost items, cleaning up the mess, and drying out carpets and walls. After giving you a timeline for completion, they get to work. Get in touch with us through our website to learn more about the process.

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Revitalizing solutions for flooded basement damages

Many homeowners use the basement for storage or an entertainment den. But what happens when the basement floods? Water covers all your belongings, making them wet and soggy. If the standing water is not extracted in time, it gives way to mold, which damages your belongings. Mold also ruins the air quality in the basement and poses health risks to you and your family.

What to do if your basement floods?

Stay away from the flooded area. You don’t want to risk slipping or getting electrocuted by any exposed wires. Contact Orleans County Expert Restoration for immediate assistance. Our partners will bring their specialized equipment, such as water extractors and air-filtration devices, to remove water from the basement.

Then, they will assess how much damage we’re working with. They will help you determine which of your items needs replacement. If anything can be salvaged, we’ll do that for you too. Call us today to speak to a representative and schedule a consultation.

Unleashing the power of professional flood damage cleanup

Flooding caused by torrential rains and storms can cause serious damage to your property. It also brings in a lot of debris and harmful contaminants, which can be hazardous to your health.

Responding to flood damage

If there was a forecast for a storm, you should keep an eye out for any flooding. Turn off the electricity and gas to the main switch if you can reach it safely. Pay heed to your local authority’s instructions. If the water reaches a dangerous height (more than two feet) in your house, evacuate the premises immediately. When the flood has receded, call Orleans County Expert Restoration for water damage cleanup. Our partners specialize in cleaning up water damage following floods and other natural disasters.

Tools used for cleaning water damage

Sure enough, you can use buckets and mops to clean up the mess. But that won’t give you thorough results and might cause permanent damage to your property in some cases. Instead, you should let professionals take charge.

Our network partners use the following equipment for cleaning water damage:

FLIR gun

A FLIR (forward-looking infrared) gun helps us detect moisture. Think of it as an X-ray for moisture. They use it to find hidden moisture that can cause trouble for you later.

Moisture meter

A moisture meter helps detect the level of moisture in different materials, such as drywall and wood. They use this to detect the extent of water damage and make sure everything is dried up properly.

Slide hammers

When the water reaches sub-flooring materials, simply looking at the surface doesn’t tell us how far the damage has spread. They use slide hammers to detect how far the water has seeped into sub-flooring materials, like floors and carpets. Then, they use a combination of drying techniques, such as air movers and dehumidifiers, to draw out moisture. It helps us avoid mildew formation in your sub-flooring.

Air scrubbers

Recent studies have found air scrubbers to be beneficial in removing VOC gasses (volatile organic compounds). These are dangerous air pollutants that can cause respiratory problems and allergies. Our experts place the air scrubbers in flooded areas of your home to remove contaminants from the air. They also use other air-filtering devices, such as HEPA filters, to ensure maximum air quality.


The first step of any water damage cleanup project is removing water from the area. Our commercial-grade extractors help us in this step. As evident, you won’t even have half of these tools at home. So, you should not try to DIY extensive cleanup projects. Call us at Orleans County Expert Restoration, and we’ll handle the situation.

Carpet cleaning

An often-overlooked aspect of water damage cleanup is carpet cleaning. Not every carpet should go back into your home after water damage. If it has been sitting in the water for too long, it must be replaced.

When to throw away carpet

Our experts will inspect your carpets and see if they can be salvaged. Don’t try to do this yourself, as you won’t be able to tell if the carpets are safe. If they find that any of your carpets need to be discarded, they will advise you accordingly. They typically do this with carpets that have become moldy or are wet beyond repair.

Methods used for carpet cleaning

Drying the carpet isn’t enough. Our experts also go in to clean it with our special solutions containing a disinfectant. It helps in getting rid of harmful organisms that can cause health problems. They also use deodorizers to remove the foul smell from your carpets. If you want to know about the whole process, give us a call today.

Quick and timely water damage cleanup for Newport residents

Every homeowner wants the best for their abode. And when it comes to cleaning water damage, there’s no better option than our network partners. They have been doing this for the past ten years and have advanced with time. In doing so, they have added new equipment and technology to our arsenal, improving their services.

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